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my heart says it is…

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uhm, dunno how to start. in fact my english is very bad, but i believe writing these sentences in german would be worse. i know about my skills – telling stories in an easy way does not belong to it. my bad english is forcing me to choose common words for difficult circumstances.. so let me try…

not only the last hours i thought about age. most people think about anti-aging. and exactly this is what i mean. in this generation it is no problem that grandfather joins the internet or rides his motorbike, the 12 year young girl enjoys chess, mum likes computer games, dad believes in his belly dancing skills. age means nothing today – really nothing. except in one little but highly visible thing: love!

even without trying we know it won‘t work. mankind is so frightened about things that can happen that they chew over all possibilities – no, not all! only bad, mad and creepy ones – that they always come to the one and only conclusion. it is not that things could get bad, they believe – no, they know – things will get bad.

that brings me to the last issue i thought about. isn‘t it the all over problem that we are not honest. not honest to others and more than ever to to ourselfes. less to our feelings. most people just think about every situation, all possibilities and decide by consequenses. they do not take the time to feel what their heart says. feelings get buried quite before they grow up.

uhm, no i dunno if this is exactly what i wanted to say – but i believe so. my heart says it is…

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